WHOLE GARMENT® knitwear is produced in three dimensions on an embossing machine and in one piece. These items require little or no rigor, time, money and waste of ceremonies. WHOLE GARMENT® unsuitable construction provides ideal comfort and fit.
Enhanced Performance
Used together with advanced technology for cotton knitwear and seamless wear, these defective structures create the best performance knit. Cotton performance technologies can be added to the garment or to specific yarns to make even the most demanding dress the perfect fabric.
Water Repellent
The weakness of a functional knit or good handling and performance technology in the rain, STORM COTON™ technology can preserve the breath of cotton.
Humidity Management
Perfect for practicing indoors, TransDRY® and WICKING WINDOWS™ technologies allow you to dress your cool, performance clothes without stripping them of moisture, ensuring your dry comfort.
The products on this page are made with WHOLEGARMENT 3D® Knitting Technology.

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